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We are your one-stop destination for all kinds of top-quality office furniture, which is made with comfort in mind. Representing practicality and style, our products reinvent your decor completely.

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We have a range of unmatched office furniture in Gold Coast which will take the comfort and ambience of your workplace a few notches higher.

We bring you ultra-modern designs coupled with the satisfaction of comfort.


Choose ergonomic workstations to improve concentration and productivity.


Our exclusive collection ensures comfortable seating at your workstations.


Thoughtfully designed workstations that will make you fall in love with your work.

Workstations and Screens

Our exclusive collection ensures comfortable seating at your workstations.


Thoughtfully designed workstations that will make you fall in love with your work.

Find A Range Of Appealing Office Furniture In The Most Unbelievable Variety!

Work Smart With Our Convenient Office Furniture And Create Your Own Cosy Space!

Office Centre Online caters to a wide variety of industries. So whether you are in the education business, a financial institution or a government office, we have a splendid collection for every domain. Our workstations are designed to keep things organised and tidy without creating a cluttered appearance. Our office furniture is ideal for collaboration among teams as it allows for easy interactions and free movement.

The craftsmanship of our products is unparalleled, and it can be experienced in the exterior beauty and functional capability of the furniture. Our products make sure that you do not struggle with back pains or strained necks and enjoy complete comfort that enables you to give your best at work. With our quick delivery and outstanding customer service, we have become the most preferred online destination for office furniture in Gold Coast.

Get All-Inclusive Office Furniture Under One Roof Right Here

An office looks incomplete without the presence of a neatly arranged furniture and set-up that gives it an attention-grabbing appearance. It is not just about the striking tables and chairs put in perfect alignment. The idea of a congenial workspace comes from having all the desired furniture placed in the most strategic manner. It must give the feeling of entering a creative and industrious area, which brings out the best in people.

This is the reason why we offer a wide range of boardroom tables, reception desks, lounge chairs, workstations, height-adjustable furniture, whiteboards, screens and more. You can pick what you like, or what your business needs the most, without thinking about the prices as we have a cost-effective catalogue. We honour our commitment and arrive at your doorstep within the specified time.

Wish To Walk Into The Coolest Workspace Every day? Check out our products to enjoy a better office environment.

Affordable Office Furniture Solutions For Your Business

Office Centre Online is a comprehensive marketplace for office furniture which promises brilliant finishing, premium-quality and superior material. Our reasonably priced products are the perfect choice for creating inspiring work environments without breaking the bank. There are hundreds of styles and colours to choose from, and these can be matched with the interiors of your workplace. Our dedicated professionals deliver the products on time and put them together for your convenience.

You can sit back and relax while we will change the look and feel of your office in just a few hours. With our reliable products, you can give your office the much-needed facelift that has been keeping the best talent and clientele away from your doors. So go ahead and take a look at our extensive collection to order right away.

Choose Office Centre Online For Ultimate Layout Plans

Filing and storage is a big challenge in offices as there is always less space for keeping such stuff. However, with our efficient planning, you can make space for all the files in labelled cabinets without any difficulty. We understand the accommodation constraints in various properties and thus provide customised solutions which can benefit corporations with heavy storage requirements.

Our versatile products suit every space with ease, and our professionals make sure that you get them on time without any delay. We even have trolleys to store books and magazines for the voracious readers in the office and for the entertainment of your clients. We take the payment at the time of dispatch of the products and provide a friendly customer care service if you face any confusion or difficulty.

No One Can Beat The Quality And Service Offered By Office Centre Online

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Yes we do. There is a small charge based on the quantity to be delivered and the distance to be travelled. Items delivered can be assembled and installed at your location. Interstate deliveries can be arranged for most products. All non local deliveries will be packed flat to minimise transport costs and will require assembly unless you specify otherwise.
No, we do not have a showroom. All of our products are shown online.
We will obtain transport quotes for you and all freight charges will be passed on at cost.  Items will be supplied flat packed where possible to minimise transport cost and assembly will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
If any of the items purchased arrive damaged, please contact us immediately.  We will then arrange to have the damaged goods returned and arrange for replacements. Damaged items must be returned in the condition received with all original packaging and accessories.
Our delivery range is the south-east Queensland area, however delivery for outside of our range can be organised through a third party.